Today I celebrate us, the messy conglomerate of experiences that is the Doodles.

The ass kicking, shit eating, ridiculousness that started with “Who’s your Doodle?”

The “yent he’s busy”, long distance, hot mess that come after.

The I Love you more, “Decembering”,  coupling that moved back to Jersey.

The Axis Lounge, drink spilling, show attending ride or die friends.

The heartbreaking, sneaky, asshole cheaters who acted all types of wrong.

The “Oh you do that too”, fat kids, in a cloud of weed smoke peeps trying to do better.

The shit, piss or get off the pot, House watching guys who needed a change.

The I Love you again, you’re my everything, engaged couple that took a huge chance.

The workaholic, hot summer, frazzled team who got married on that beach.

The SC living, Family rescuing, 4 legged parents who burned themselves out.

The certifiably crazy, the-rapies session having, self improvers who refused to give in.

The I love you still, Tribe starters, who are now true partners…

The Doodles.

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